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12 June 2012 / stageivhope

People Are Good. And I’m Lucky.

Despite what I wrote in my last post about the ridiculousness of the situation I’m facing with insurance and how infuriating a situation it is, that’s not to say that I’m not deeply appreciative of the kindness so many hundreds have shown to me. As I’ve written before, I have a renewed sense of faith in humanity thanks in part to the love and kindness I’ve been the lucky recipient of.

As just one example of the amazing support I’ve received, I wanted to share with you all a beautiful story from a couple months ago.

Back in April, I tabled at the ASU Farmers’ Market, selling my wares and generally spreading the word about my efforts to raise money to cover the costs of treatment while I’m uninsured. While there, I met a wonderful family, the Sharks, who just happened to be walking through campus. They stopped by the Poop Strong booth, bought a Poop Strong shirt, and told me they’d spread word to their friends about the website and my fundraising.

Then, a couple weeks later — out of the blue — I heard from them again. Turns out that seven-year-old Carsyn was so moved by my story and motivated to help,  she and her friends organized a bake sale at their soccer games. Selling baked goods to their friends and the families and fans at their games, they managed to raise some $130! We met up in Tempe a few weeks ago so Carsyn could present me the proceeds of their bake sale. It’s easy to be cynical these days, so it’s nice to remember how wonderful people can be.

Bake Sale

 Treats for Arijit

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