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30 July 2012 / stageivhope

A Quick Poop Strong Webstore Update

In celebration of our recent, still-unbelievable success, the two-person team that is Poop Strong Order Fulfillment is taking a break!  We just requested another run of merchandise, and orders will begin shipping again in late August.

In the meantime, if something you want sells out, please send an email to with the item description and size; if we get enough interest, we’ll do another printing and email you when the item becomes available.

Also, just to reiterate, now that Aetna has agreed to cover my >$118,000 in bills I’d accrued since reaching the $300,000 lifetime cap on my insurance, ALL PROCEEDS raised through merchandise sales (beyond our costs of production, mailing, and the like) will go to benefit three very worthy charitable organizations: the University of Arizona Cancer Center’s Patient Assistance Fund, The Wellness Community – Arizona, and the Colon Cancer Alliance. These three organizations provide close to the full spectrum of cancer care services, from treatment and financial assistance to support and survivorship to awareness, advocacy, and education. Given how many people we’ve reached through the Poop Strong site, I feel the least I can do with the platform I have is to help out others in a similar situation but without the amazing network of support I’ve had.


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  1. lj / Jul 30 2012 9:42 PM

    As eager as I am to get those onesies, I am so happy that the PSOF Dept. gets a break.

  2. Dawn R. / Aug 2 2012 7:22 AM

    A friend was just diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer yesterday and had extensive surgery yesterday…I would love to get something for her but I cannot find the merchandise. thank you.

  3. Doris Magiera / Aug 2 2012 11:24 PM

    I also am a colon cancer survivor for the past 17 years at a time when my insurance also only covered part of the total cost of surgery and chemo. I did lose my whole colon about 18 months ago and am adjusting to the ostomy portion of the disease. My hope is that your blog and twitter will have some influence in changing the health care system in America. Hurrah for speaking up and discussing the disease openly. I and many Americans do appreciate it.

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