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11 February 2011 / stageivhope

Back Home

Originally sent as a mass email; now posted belatedly to the blog to catch those who wanted to know the full story up…

Welcome, Family, Friends, and Internet: I’ve returned!

After a long day of waiting to be discharged from the hospital this morning and afternoon, I made it home this afternoon around 4:30p local time. Upon coming home, I’ve been going through the full array of messages we’ve received these past few days and I’ve been so touched. As Heather mentioned earlier, I’ve always known I’ve had an incredibly great group of family and friends, but it’s been absolutely overwhelming to see the outpouring of sympathy and sweet thoughts we’ve received.

I especially thank everyone who sent notes to Heather and thought about all she has been going through; she’s been absolutely miraculous these past few weeks, dealing with me and my condition and doing things she never realized she’d signed up for when she took that pledge of sticking with me “in sickness and in health.”

So again, thank you to you all. I can’t conceive what I could have possibly done to deserve such a wonderful and caring group to call my loved ones, but I do feel truly blessed at my good fortune. It is because of all of you, your thoughts, and your prayers that I am confident I will get past this bump in the road. (And let me apologize for the fact that I probably won’t be responding to each of you who wrote personally. Turns out I have other business to attend to or something…)

Being back home, even though it’s been just a few hours, feels wonderful. It’s quite a relief to be away from the hospital, where I’ll be making many repeat visits for chemotherapy over the next few months. As unenjoyable as the hospital stay was, in the end what made it relatively easy to get through were the many visitors we received; they lifted my spirits more than I can capture in words and kept me going. Along with all the love from them, as well as my family who was constantly by my side, the hospital staff was quite wonderful as well; the staff of the seventh floor at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in downtown Phoenix deserve thanks, as well, for offering great service and making me feel at home to whatever extent that’s possible when you’re lying in a hospital bed you’d rather not be in.

Now that I’m home, Heather is taking wonderful care of me, as you would expect, and we’ve already had visits from the rest of the family and extended family. Things are quite good. We meet with the surgeon again next week for a follow-up, and then with the oncologist to discuss our next treatment options. But before treatment resumes, it’s three-four weeks of rest for me. Worry not, with my trusty computer by my side, I’ll be ready to get back to my internet-junkie ways and hopefully back to being a student, as well – though let’s be honest, the fun parts of the internet will take precedence over work.

Once more, thanks to all of you for taking the time to keep me in your thoughts in prayers, for inquiring about my status, and for sending your well wishes along. You’ve all been nothing short of spectacular.

My deepest love to you all.


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